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Tales of The Sales

The Stories and Lessons From Sales Professionals Around The Globe 

What is Tales of The Sales all about? Exactly what it sounds like. It’s stories and the lessons learned from these stories as told straight from the mouths (or finger tips) of sales professionals from around the globe.


Every day, millions of sales interactions happen. These situations are packed with lessons and the opportunity to learn from them. Maybe it’s the 20-year veteran who guest blogs about the successful displacement of a competitor and helps the fresh college grad gain perspective on his or her own situation. Maybe it’s that same college grad sharing a new prospecting tip that involves leveraging expertise on a particular social media site.


Tales of the Sales is your go-to, on-line place for sales brainstorming. It’s a place for everyone out in the trenches to share a slice of what they’ve learned while they keep getting better. Let’s face it. Salespeople love talking shop. Don’t deny it!  


House Keeping:


Most of our bloggers are gainfully employed and will need to tell their story "undercover". For that reason, let me be the first to introduce you to Sammy and Sally Sales. Sammy and Sally will represent our guest sales folks not able to represent themselves for various reasons. These posts will be authored by yours truly. 

Want to Guest Blog?
Dominic J Testo
Founder, Tales of The Sales
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